What to see in Tenerife Island

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To optimize your holiday it is important to know what to see in Tenerife. What to see in the North of Tenerife If you land in the Aeropuerto del Norte, there I recommend taking a trip to the ancient capital, … Continued

Lanzarote Island

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Lanzarote Island is the northernmost and easternmost island in the Canary Archipelago. Its capital is Arrecife and is located in the province of Las Palmas. It takes its name from a Genoese sailor who visited it in the 14th century. … Continued

La Palma Island

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La Palma Island, is called “la Isla Bonita” (the pretty island) for the beauty of its landscapes. It belongs to the Canary Archipelago, is located in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its capital is Santa Cruz de La … Continued

La Gomera Island

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La Gomera Island has a round shape, is the second smallest one of the Canary Archipelago (after El Hierro). It is located in the western part of the Archipelago and belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The … Continued

Flora of Canary Islands

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Brief description of the flora of Canary Islands The flora of Canary Islands includes 1,750 or 1,800 species of plants; of which 5001 are endemic, another 500 are native to the Macaronesian region and the rest have probably been introduced … Continued

Fauna of the Canary Islands

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A short description of the Fauna of the Canary Islands The fauna of the Canary Islands has a complex diversity due to two factors, insularity and climate. Originated at the beginning of the Miocene, the Canary Islands have always been … Continued

Origin and formation of Tenerife

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A brief descriptio of the formation of Tenerife Island A brief report on the origin and formation of Tenerife: Tenerife is a volcanic island, whose formation started on the bottom of the Atlantic, in a period between 10 and 15 … Continued

An overview of Tenerife

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An overview of Tenerife in the Canary Islands Archipelago Here we start a brief overview of Tenerife island, belonging to the archipelago of the Canary, Autonomous Community of Spain. The Island has an area of 2034.38 square kilometres and a … Continued

Volcano El Teide

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Volcano El Teide, one of the most important highlights of Tenerife The Volcano El Teide is located in the Island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands. At 3,718 meters above sea level (and about 7,000 meters above the ocean shelf), … Continued

Climate of Tenerife

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The climate of Tenerife, Island of eternal spring The climate of Tenerife is amazing, it is internationally known as “the Island of Eternal Spring”, the attribution of the name is due in large part to the trade winds. This constant … Continued

History of Tenerife

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A brief summary of the History of Tenerife Island, archipelago of the Canary The history of Tenerife starts in the enscient time. The Island was already known to the Romans as Nivaria (from the Latin nix, nivis, “Snow”). The name … Continued

Dragon Tree

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The Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco L.) is a monocotyledon subtropical plant, belonging to the Agavoideae family, endemic to the Canary Islands. Morphology Although it is a shrubby plant can reach 20 meters in height. The trunk is dark grey and … Continued

Trade Winds

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Trade Winds, winds regular in direction and constant intensity Tenerife and the Canary Islands in general are in the area of the Trade Winds. This winds are regular in direction and constant in intensity, they belong to the Hadley circulation … Continued

Trail Cruz del Carmen – Afur

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Trail from Cruz del Carmen to Afur pass trough Taborno and Playa de Tamadite Rather long trail (11.5 km), with a great difference of altitude (1100m), pass through a lot of different environments, attention to the beginning the soil could … Continued

Trail Cruz del Carmen – Punta Hidalgo

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Trail from Cruz del Carmen to Punta Hidalgo through Los Batanes Rather long hike, with good difference of altitude ( 10km for 700m in altitude difference), pass through a lot of different environments, attention to the beginning where the soil … Continued

Trail Roque del Conde – Vento

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Trail to roque del Conde from Vento Not very long Trail, largely exposed to the sun, so quite warm, from the top you can have a fantastic view. Pay attention, the description and the track are purely indicative because of … Continued

Ring trail from Vilaflor

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Going up from Vilaflor to the caldera and descending back down to the east Rather long ring trail ( 12km ), with approximately 600m of difference of altitude, takes place partly in the Canary Island pine forest, with beautiful views … Continued

Trail El Bailadero – Taganana

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Trail from El Bailadero to Taganana Rather simple path, 2,5km long, 500m of difference in level, the path is always a little slippery at the beginning due to the condensation. Here you can see the rain forest and along the path … Continued

Diving in Tenerife

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Some examples of diving in Tenerife Island Below is a brief collection of the most representative videos of diving in Tenerife, an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A journey to discover its spectacular seabeds, its underwater flora … Continued

Trail Los Gigantes – Barranco Seco

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Trail from Los Gigantes to Barranco Seco Dangerous trail in some part (landslide or slippery because of lava gravel), officially closed, spectacular views, proceed along the coast and the high cliffs of Los Gigantes, at the end you have to … Continued

Trail El Bailadero – Playa Benijo

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Trail from El Bailadero to Playa Benijo Path pleasant and quite spectacular, through different environments with different vegetation, in Almaciga there is a kind of bar restaurant where you can eat, at the end of the trail you can take a … Continued

Parks and gardens

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Here is an article on the parks and gardens of Tenerife, there are many plants and spectacular, the climate here is spring all year round, there are also a number of microclimates that allow you to grow a huge number … Continued

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