We can see here some of the main beaches of Tenerife, it’s important to know that the tide here can reach one meter and a half, so that the width of the beaches and the area covered by sand can vary depending on hour, especially in northern beaches it’is important to pay attention to the presence of current and generally do not go far from the shore:

playa de las teresitasLas Teresitas
Practically the beach of S. Cruz, very busy on the weekend it is a beach of sand imported from Africa, that’s why its color is so different, protected by a breakwater it is a beach where you can swim safely.

Behind the beach there are palm trees and trees that provide some shade, there are also showers restaurants and small bars.

playa de el medanoEl Medano
It is a very long beach than the local average, behind is surrounded by desert, generally quite windy is popular for kitesurfing.

In the first section there are showers bars and restaurants, then it becomes wild.

playa de las tejitasLa tejita

Separated from Medano to the Montaña Roja is a very nice beach also it long enough and more sheltered than the Medano behind it the desert, but in the area of access there is a small bar and restaurant.

playa de los cristianosLos Cristianos, Las Americas e Fañabé

Have tourist beaches with all related services, behind a plethora of bars, restaurants, shops, Mc Donald, hotels, residences etc.

And ‘this a long walk in the shade of palm trees along the coast.

playa del duquePlaya del Duque
A beach with a small but nice sand and a beautiful color of the sea, enclosed by cliffs on both sides, behind a residence a few shops and eateries plants.

playa del socorroPlaya del Socorro
A beach frequented by swimmers and surfers, attention to the current, is enclosed by high cliffs.

playa jardinPlaya Jardín
Practically the beach in Puerto de la Cruz, quite busy, behind has a nice garden.

playa del bollulloPlaya de El Bollullo
Further north of Puerto de la Cruz is quieter and more wild than the last, enclosed by high cliffs.

playa benijoPlaya Benijo

One of the few wild beaches with sand of this area, behind has the high mountains of the Park of Anaga which give it a wild look and a bit ‘Nordic, care must be taken to the strong current.

Water Parks

Parque Marítimo César Manrique 1Parque Marítimo César Manrique
It is located in Santa Cruz, with ocean views, it is a complex of 22,000 square meters of salt water pools, with all the services including restaurant.

Adult ticket 2,5€

lago martianez 1Lago Martiánez
It is a complex of salt water pools of 27,000 cubic meters near the ocean, with all amenities, including bars and restaurants.

Adult ticket 5,5€lago martianez 2

siam-park1Siam park
Is one of the theme parks with water attractions, the largest in Europe.

It covers 185,000 square meters, with a setting inspired by the exoticism and mystery of the ancient kingdom of Siam.

Adult ticket 34€siam park