Canarian beaches

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Short selection of the best Canarian beaches

Here is a brief description of the most beautiful Canarian beaches. To keep in mind in some sites the presence of current and the phenomenon of the tide that here can reach one and a half meters of hight. Because of this phenomenon the width of the Canarian beaches and the area available for sunbathing can vary depending on the time.

Playa de NogalesLa Playa de Nogales in La PalmaIt is characterized by lush vegetation, its volcanic and dark sand, the cliff behind, offers surfers and nudists a quiet place to take a bath and sunbathe.







Playa de las TeresitasLas Teresitas in TenerifeIt is the most popular beach of S. Cruz de Tenerife, being protected by a breakwater you can swim in total safety. The beach was artificially created with light sand brought from Africa.

In addiction behind it there are several palm trees and other vegetation so that you can find a little shade. The site also offers restaurants, bars and showers.






Playa del InglesLa Playa del Inglés in La GomeraIt has been known since the sixties as Hippy beach, it is a virgin beach frequented by nudists. It is characterized by the presence of sand and rocks, and by the rocky wall behind it. Nearby, however, we find the typical services of civilization.






Playa PapagayoLa Playa Papagayo in LanzaroteIt is perhaps the most beautiful beach on the island, with golden sand and the particular colors of its waters. Playa Papagayo is located in an area characterized by a succession of coves. It is also close to the town so it offers to tourists all the services.








Charco de los ClicosIl Charco de los Clicos in LanzaroteIt is characterized by a varied and multicolored landscape. The lake originates from the mouth of a crater and is a protected area.
In addiction its waters are green due to the presence of algae, the beach in front is made of black volcanic sand. As often happens in these islands, behind it is a rocky wall.
Playa de El MedanoEl Medano a Tenerife It is a very long beach compared to the local average, behind it is surrounded by the desert. El Medano is a beach often quite windy, for this reason is known like a good place to practice kitesurfing.

Furthermore In the first part there are showers and restaurants, then it becomes wild.







Playa de Las TejitasLas Tejitas a Tenerife

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife, it is separating from the Medano by Montaña Roja. This beach allows, due to its length, beautiful walks on the soft sand. It is also more sheltered from the wind than the Medano. Behind the beach is the desert, but in the access area there is a small restaurant bar.