Canarian fish life

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First of all I would like to remind that here I will only mention the Canarian fish life that is uncommon or absent in the Mediterranean, the one that usually Italians are not used to watching.

And The fish fauna of the Canary Islands is quite rich, due to the great diversity of environments and conditions that this archipelago offer. Being volcanic islands the coastal zone of shallow waters to which we are accustomed is not very present, the seabed of the Canary Islands are generally characterized by steep slopes that quickly sink up to 1000 mt of depth.

And In addition another important factor affects fish life in this archipelago, it is the cold current of the Canaries (with about 64,4° F), which brings cold water from the North Atlantic, altering the temperatures, which otherwise are generally mild at this latitude.
For these reasons in the Canary we find a mixture of cold, temperate and tropical species.

A brief review of Canarian fish life:

Ophioblennidus atlanticusOphioblennidus atlanticus








Heteropriacanthus cruentatusHeteropriacanthus cruentatus








Bodianus ScrofaBodianus Scrofa








Aluterus scriptusAluterus scriptus








Mobula tarapacanaMobula tarapacana







Sphoeroides marmoratusSphoeroides marmoratus








Aulostomus strigosusAulostomus strigosus







Gymnura altavelaGymnura altavela








Squatina squatinaSquatina squatina








Gymnothorax miliarisGymnothorax miliaris









Myrichthys pardalisMyrichthys pardalis








Rhincodon typusRhincodon typus








Odontaspis feroxOdontaspis ferox








Mycteroperca fuscaMycteroperca fusca








Pagrus aurigaPagrus auriga









Stephanolepis hispidusStephanolepis hispidus








Abudefduf luridusAbudefduf luridus








Chromis limbataChromis limbata








Enchelycore anatinaEnchelycore anatina








Gymnothorax miliarisGymnothorax miliaris









Myrichthys pardalisMyrichthys pardalis








Sphyrna zygaenaSphyrna zygaena







Isurus oxyrinchusIsurus oxyrinchus








Heteroconger longissimusHeteroconger longissimus








Chilomycterus atringaChilomycterus atringa







Canthigaster capistrataCanthigaster capistrata







Labrisomus nuchipinnisLabrisomus nuchipinnis








Pseudocaranx dentexPseudocaranx dentex








Parapristipoma octolineatumParapristipoma octolineatum









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