Flora of Canary Islands

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Brief description of the flora of Canary Islands The flora of Canary Islands includes 1,750 or 1,800 species of plants; of which 5001 are endemic, another 500 are native to the Macaronesian region and the rest have probably been introduced … Continued

Dragon Tree

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The Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco L.) is a monocotyledon subtropical plant, belonging to the Agavoideae family, endemic to the Canary Islands. Morphology Although it is a shrubby plant can reach 20 meters in height. The trunk is dark grey and … Continued

Diving in Tenerife

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Some examples of diving in Tenerife Island Below is a brief collection of the most representative videos of diving in Tenerife, an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A journey to discover its spectacular seabeds, its underwater flora … Continued

Parks and gardens

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Here is an article on the parks and gardens of Tenerife, there are many plants and spectacular, the climate here is spring all year round, there are also a number of microclimates that allow you to grow a huge number … Continued

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