What to see in El Hierro Island

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What to see in El Hierro IslandEl Hierro Island is the western and southernmost one of the Canary Archipelago. It belongs to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, its capital is Valverde, with the Port of La Estaca and the airport.


The Island has a population of 10,500 inhabitants and it is the least populated of the 7 major islands of the archipelago.

Especially relevant, El Hierro is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and carries on a development plan to convert into the world’s first island totally replenished with renewable energy.

Its shape is not circular but trilobed. The maximum height is recorded at the center of the island at the Pico de Malpaso (1500m), characteristic of the depression of the Valle del Golfo, produced by the landslide of a part of the island. In relation to its surface is the island with the largest protected area of ​​the archipelago.

Depending on the climate it can be divided into 3 zones: wet, semi-humid and dry. The three areas follow each other descending from the peaks (wetland) towards the sea where we meet the arid zone.

What to see in El Hierro Island

Charco Azul - El Hierro
Charco Azul

We begin the visit from Valverde, the capital, graceful and located at a certain altitude. Then move south to the Ecomuseo de Guinea, a lava stone village where you can dine. Further south, do not miss the natural pools and Charco azul, a cave with a natural pool and fantastic colors. Moving eastwards you will find the Mirador de Isora, a very high point from which to admire the landscape and the sea below. Finally, in the surroundings of El Pinar you can immerse yourself in a beautiful Canary pine forest.

Now that you know what to see in El Hierro, have fun!

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