La Palma Island

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La PalmaLa Palma Island, is called “la Isla Bonita” (the pretty island) for the beauty of its landscapes. It belongs to the Canary Archipelago, is located in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its capital is Santa Cruz de La Palma, and the most populated country is Los Llanos de Aridane.


Most noteworthy the whole island is a Biosphere Reserve. In the middle is the Parque Nacional de la La PalmaCaldera de Taburiente, with 7 km width, which in addition to the splendid views houses the only perennial stream of the Canaries.

Here the vegetation consists essentially of the Canary Pine.
In addition, La Palma also has a rich network of trails. These cross a wide variety of landscapes, making it one of the most suitable destinations for hikers.

Moreover its clear skies and the absence of light pollution make it an ideal place for observing the stars.