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Here is an article on the parks and gardens of Tenerife, there are many plants and spectacular, the climate here is spring all year round, there are also a number of microclimates that allow you to grow a huge number of species.


Palmetum park


Palmetum park

The Palmetum of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a botanical garden of 12 hectares, specializing in the palm family.

It is a unique project in the world, transforming a dump enjoyable in a space where you can admire many botanical species, with a spectacular vegetation, the result of collaboration with numerous institutions around the world,

In Palmtum Tenerife grows the best collection of palm trees in Europe, and is considered the largest collection of Botany Palme of tropical islands in the world.

It is located at Avenida de la Constitution, 5, Santa Cruz de TenerifePalmetum park

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Palmetum park - Parks and gardens of Tenerife


Parque Garcia SanabriaParque Municipal García Sanabria

With an area of 55,000 square meters, it is a genuine botanical garden which is home to over 200 plant species as from all over the world, are also within walking, ponds, fountains, monuments and sculptures.Ficus parque Sanabria





It is located in front of Calle Mendez Núñez, 52, Santa Cruz de Tenerife



Parque la GrancaParque de la Granja

The Parque de la Granja of Santa Cruz de Tenerife was built between 1969 and 1976. With an area of 64,310 square meters, it provides ample space for sporting activities, games, trips to admire the flora, etc. It is one of the largest urban parks in the Canary Islands.

Since its inception it has been planned to host an open vegetation, with lawns and large trees. Therefore between the trees and the palms abound while the shrubs and the herbaceous are scarce. The park hosts a notable group of Roystonea regia (royal palm) and bamboo groves; in this park also grow some exotic species such as Juglans nigra and Phytolacca dioica, various species of ficus etc. There is also a group of Elaeis guineensis (from which palm oil is extracted).
It is accessible from Avenida de Madrid, in Santa Cruz

Jardín BotanicoBotanico Puerto de la Cruz

The garden of acclimatization of La Orotava originates on the orders of King Carlos III on August 17, 1788, as a result of growing tropical species on Spanish territory. The management was entrusted to D. Alonso de Nava y Grimon.

The garden of 20. 000 square meters, houses important collections of tropical and subtropical plants, stand out among the other varieties of palms Bromeliads, Aracee and Moracee. They are trees of great beauty and interest for their size, antiquity, rarity or for coming from remote places.Botanico Puerto de la Cruz

The garden, as scientific institution, realizes the exchange of seeds of plants worldwide, maintains a herbarium especially dedicated to the flora of the Canary Islands and develops various research programs on the flora and vegetation of the Canary Islands and the preservation of native species.

It is located in Calle Retama, n.° 2. 38400 Puerto de La Cruz

Botanico Puerto de la Cruz



Timetable: from 9 to 17.30 – It is closed: 1 January, holy Friday and 25 December

Phone: +34 922 922 981 / +34 922 922 978 / Fax: +34 922 923 138



Jardín de Orquídeas de Sitio LitreJardín de Orquídeas de Sitio Litre

An example of the passage of the British in Tenerife is this beautiful garden where you can see a variety of orchids.

Site Litre Orchid Garden is a building built in 1730 located in Puerto de la Cruz. It was named after Mr. Archibald Little, an English merchant bought it in 1774 (her last name has been transposed by the locals as Litre).

It is the oldest garden of the island and has received many famous people. Among the British guests who have gone through this beautiful villa and its gardens, there is a botanical painter Marianne North and that inspired by the beauty of the place, painted some of his paintings, Mr. William W. Wilde (father of Oscar Wilde) and Agatha Christie wrote during his stay in the novel “the Mysterious Mr Quin”.Sitio Litre - Parks and gardens of Tenerife

inside there is a café, a boutique specializing in traditional Canarian and an exhibition of paintings offered from the Royal Botanic Kew Gardens, London.

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